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To: Friends and Family From: Mom of a Special Needs Child

Be patient, give grace, and know I am still here.

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Dark Rooms, Part 1

This post contains affiliated links. Memories exude a color in my mind. Darkness is the only way to describe a week I did not expect in our journey to a diagnosis with Elsa. I frequented our pediatrician weekly for weight checks. I pulled myself together for each visit and thoughtfully placed Elsa in her car… Continue reading Dark Rooms, Part 1

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Survive or Thrive

The first time you meet your child is one of the best moments in life. So new, so naive, vulnerable, and reliant on innate instincts of the human condition. You would think motherhood would come naturally. You would think breastfeeding and understanding your babies every little noise would be instinct. If you're a mother, you know… Continue reading Survive or Thrive